Bruce’s PBSA Mid-Year 2024 Conference Report

PBSA 2024 Mid-Year Conference Arlington, VA, March 24-26, 2024   While we still had a good experience at this year’s conference, it was surely not as busy for the exhibitors as we would have liked.  The attendance was down at 354 from 418 in 2023.  125 were sponsor attendees with 40 exhibitors (up) and 229 […]

Bruce’s PBSA 2023 Annual Conference Report

PBSA 2023 Annual Conference Grapevine, TX Sep 10-12, 2023   What a great conference.  Well attended with a highly spirited group of participants and so many new faces.  What a joy.  Attendance totaled 822 of which 767 were in person with 259 sponsor attendees and 508 were regular attendees and speakers. The remaining 55 attendees […]

Bruce’s PBSA Mid-Year 2023 Conference Report

PBSA 2023 Mid-Year Conference Arlington, VA, April 16-19, 2023   What a great conference.  Well attended with a highly spirited group of participants and so many new faces.  What a joy.  Attendance totaled 418 (down a tick from last year) of which 147 were sponsor attendees (up a tick) with 35 exhibitors (up) and 271 […]

PBSA Annual Conference Report 2022

  PBSA 2022 Annual Conference Aurora, CO      September 2022   While this was a dual conference, both in-person and virtual, the vast majority (85%) were in-person.  Virtual is good, but in-person is so much better.  The in-person attendance numbers were very strong with the numbers reaching 799.  Best I could determine less than 1% were […]

Bruce’s Mid-Year 2022 PBSA Conference Report

  NAPBS 2022 Mid-Year Conference Arlington, VA, April 10-12, 2022     What a great conference.  Well attended with a highly spirited group of participants at this in-person only event.  Attendance totaled 415 of which 125 were sponsor attendees with 30 exhibitors and 290 were regular attendees. These numbers were slightly off compared to the […]

Vital4 – Berg Consulting Group – Webinar

Vital4 hosts Bruce Berg to discuss background screening trends for 2022.  

PBSA Annual Conference Report 2021

  Anaheim CA.  September 12-14, 2021   This was a dual conference, both in-person and virtual.  The in-person attendance numbers were much less than in the past but still 391 in-person and 255 virtual for a total of over 600.  And while the quantity was not the highest ever, it still was excellent.   There were […]

M&A Insight #4 For Background Screeners

The value of your company is derived from your bottom line… not your top line. BUSINESS VALUE COMES FROM…. If you are a golfer like me, you’ve most likely heard the adage, “drive for show, putt for dough”. In the golfing world this means that while its great driving the ball 300 yards, the money […]

M&A Insight #3 For Background Screeners

Nugget #3: I am writing to share a gift with you. HINDSIGHT The ONE Thing You Can Do TODAY to Ensure Business Success Tomorrow When the time comes to sell your business will you be totally satisfied/happy or frustrated/regretful? Much of what I do with M&A transactions is to ensure owners are set up for success […]

Bruce’s Mid-Year 2021 PBSA Conference Report

Monday, April 19: PBSA Legislative Conference Day 1 Thanks to the continued presence of Covid-19 in our lives, the mid-year 2021 PBSA legislative conference was held once again on a virtual platform. We are grateful to the PBSA team, the tech team and the many volunteers for their hard work on creating a forum where […]

M&A Insight #2 For Background Screeners

Nugget #2: Service Providers Who Help CRA Owners To Sell or Buy a Background Screening Business Thank you for reading what is part two of our new series, M&A Insights for Background screeners. In this post I will share with you the various ways in which a business can be bought or sold. More specifically, […]

Podcast featuring Bruce Berg

Bruce had the chance to catch up with Tim Santoni of Santoni Backgrounds. Tim invited Bruce to join the guest spot on the Background Screening Tips and Tech podcast. The two cover a variety of pressing business issues impacting CRAs right now. Topics such as: profitability, the future of business and the Berg’s Background Business […]

M&A Insights for Background Screeners

Care to know the value of your business in the marketplace? Want to know how you stack up against the competition? Do you know the many levers you can pull to directly increase the value of your business? Selling may be long into the future but maximizing your value and solidifying your position is critical […]

Berg Consulting Group Acts as Intermediary in Sale of S.O. Screening

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Berg Consulting Group is proud to announce their intermediary work for the sale of “S.O. Screening” a pre-employment screening company. Both the owner of “S.O. Screening” and the owner of the acquiring company are extremely happy with the transaction.  Interestingly enough, the owner of this decidedly small CRA wanted to […]

PBSA 2020 Annual Conference Report

    Monday, September 14 Because of Covid-19, the annual PBSA background screening conference this year was held on a virtual platform. Although nothing beats the face to face of in-person conferences, the virtual conference allowed us to connect and learn as best as possible in a pandemic world. Many thanks go out to the […]

A Tribute To Bruce Berg…

Thank you to Barry Nixon for writing a thoughtful article in honor of our 20th anniversary. Click on “read more.” Find the tribute here:

Berg Consulting Group Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Two Decades of Service, Growth and Visionary Business Solutions lead to milestone West Palm Beach, Florida: Berg Consulting Group, the renowned consulting firm dedicated to the background screening industry, has reached an exciting milestone as the business celebrates 20 years of consulting and helping background screening businesses achieve their goals. Thanks to the company’s experienced […]

NAPBS 2019 Annual Conference Report

BRUCE’S SNAPSHOT 2019 Professional Background Screening Association Annual Conference San Antonio, TX September 8-10, 2019 Well, the BIG NEWS at this year’s professional background screening conference was the association name and branding change from NAPBS to PBSA: Professional Background Screening Association. The change was made with great fanfare, to respond to the borderless nature of […]

NAPBS 2019 Mid-Year Conference Report

BRUCE’S SNAPSHOT 2019 NAPBS Mid-Year Legislative and Regulatory Conference Washington D.C. March 24-26, 2019 Update: 6/24/19. See correction under CRA News This year’s conference was well attended with another new record 472 attendees compared to last year’s 442. The number of exhibitors grew from 36 to 42. NAPBS conference attendees are an active community eager […]

Background Screening Customer Service: A Big Opportunity

Recently, HR Executive Magazine mentioned customer service. The informative publication published survey results that can help background screeners. The numbers in the January/February 2019 issue are viewable  “90% of survey respondents say their customer-facing staff are their best organizational asset for shaping the customer experience, though 69% admit their front line employees currently find it […]