IRS Income Verification

IRS Income Verification (ITRV) is the only method of income verification that goes direct to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) source data. Get ITRV to strengthen the due diligence processes.



  • IRS Income Verification (ITRV) verifies personal and business income tax returns
  • ITRV is consent-based verification developed and administered by the IRS
  • ITRV is valid for all legitimate income and tax return verification purposes, including employment
  • Mitigates fraud by matching Name, SSN, and Address direct to official IRS governmental source data
  • Provides accurate results and prevents fraudsters/ID thieves from misrepresenting past income

ITRV is used for:

  • Employment (salary and self-employed income verification)
  • Any applicant purpose (employment, tenants, customers, etc.)
  • Loan originations (mortgage, auto, personal, etc.)

There’s no other service like ITRV

Superlative Verification from the IRS to protect vital business interests… including your valuable company reputation.

ITRV is the Industry Standard Best Practice to Protect Your Vital Business Interests