Without quality, a background screening report just puts the CRA at risk of a lawsuit, the client at risk of making a bad hire and the applicant at risk of not getting the job for which he might otherwise be qualified. We preach quality, accuracy and thoroughness through our consulting, through NAPBS, through compliance with the FCRA, with our partners and with our suppliers. We follow the adage “trust but verify”, particularly with our Better Vendor Program where we have a documented program of vetting, initial testing and follow on checking of known records as part of our due diligence.

This is designed to keep the quality at the highest possible level. The employer and education verifications and references done by The Background Warehouse simply must be the best. Internal controls feed data to supervision to assure proper audit of all phone caller’s activities. Furthermore, statistical analysis is instantly available on the website as to turnaround time, percent of completion and how many days it took to complete for each order and in total for the client.

Quality Background Screening Reports

We preach quality, accuracy and thoroughness through our consulting. Contact Berg Consulting Group today!