Consent Based Social Security Number Verification

With all the identity theft and identity fraud going on, shouldn’t your clients trust that they are using the most accurate tool on the market to verify their applicants’ identify before they spend money on interviewing, testing, and background screening?

CBSV is the only legal, fully accurate method of accessing the official Social Security master file to INSTANTLY verify the social security number matches the:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Death Indicator

And you can do all of this without investing the $13,000 in startup fees and the $5000 in annual required audit fees. The results are instant, the mark up is great, and you’ve added another valuable product line for your clients.
Try it free today, start earning profits tomorrow

Satisfied Clients Say

“Our client used CBSV to uncover unauthorized employees in the workforce. Imagine if the IRS or ICE found them first and imposed fines and penalties. CBSV is a terrific service!”

-Background screener

“Our clients that want the best possible PII matching really appreciate CBSV.”

-Background screener