Consent Based Social Security Validation (CBSV) is the only legal pre-hire method for 100% validation of prospective employees, tenants, borrowers, etc. The access is direct to the official Social Security Administration (SSA) Master File and Death Index to INSTANTLY match the submitted Social Security Number to Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Death Indicator.

Not using CBSV? Then you are at greater risk for identity theft

How do you know your applicant is who they say they are?

  • An employer needs to know before going through the time and expense involved in the entire recruiting, interviewing and hiring process
  • A landlord needs to know before going through the time and expense in processing an application
    By not using CBSV you’re allowing up to 80% of preventable fraud says Denis G. Kelly, Certified Identity Expert

What We Know

  • Other data sources are fundamentally flawed, have polluted profiles, are easily manipulated, and contain stale data
  • Perpetrators exploit these vulnerabilities simply by the use of fraudulent identities – Synthetic Identity Theft (SIT)
  • Best protection is from official governmental source data
  • Fraud and ID theft continue to grow despite legislation requiring action to protect vital business interests

The Solution

CBSV is “The Superlative Personal Identifier Validation Methodology” TM. No other method is as effective as CBSV nor can any alternative methodology make that claim.

CBSV Provides:

  • Direct access to the SSA Master File and Death Index
  • Most accurate matching of Name, SSN, DOB, Gender, and Death Indicator
  • Online access with instantaneous results used for every type of business purpose
  • Fraud and ID theft mitigation by reducing bad hires, loan losses, net charge-offs and unauthorized applicants
  • Fast turnaround (usually less than an hour)

CBSV Used For:

  • Applicants, tenants, students, policyholders, lending (mortgage, auto, personal), depository accounts, etc.
  • Employment (the only legal way to validate before hiring)
  • Fraud investigations / Collections / Special Investigative Units

Your current verification methods (credit headers, data algorithms, proprietary databases) are:
Fundamentally flawed / Have polluted profiles / Easily manipulated by thieves / Contain stale data

There’s no other service like CBSV – source governmental data is updated daily

Superlative Validation from the SSA to protect vital business interests.
including your valuable company reputation.

CBSV is the Industry Standard Best Practice to Protect Your Vital Business Interests