Employment & Education Verifications

Education & Employment Verifications

The Background Warehouse is the only solution you’ll need for all your employment, education and DOT verifications plus personal/professional references. Performed both nationally by a professional and experienced staff located right here in the US. We can handle all or part of your verification workload.

Founded and developed after 21 years experience in the industry, TBW conducts the verifications and allows you to access their software to view real time progress 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And best of all, they tailor the question sets to meet each of your clients’ specifications. Your client determines the questions, call times, frequency, etc.

And we do it quicker and less expensively than you struggling to do it in house, hiring and training part time or new full time staff, with no start up or monthly fees and no minimum usage fees.

This incredible tool is already integrated with most 3rd party platforms, or at no cost to you, we can web or direct interface to your proprietary software or your 3rd party platform.

Guaranteed Accuracy

TBW staff maintains the highest and most rigorous standards in the industry to guarantee accuracy. Their efforts are highly task and detail oriented.


Use TBW’s standard question sets or make up your own. TBW can store and use any question set specific to any client or any job category within a client. We conform to your clients’ needs.


Proper staffing for variable workloads combined with the most sophisticated software in the industry developed exclusively by TBW manages call times and frequency, yielding superior turnaround time and successful completion rates.


The system is set up to be 100% transparent, all actions visible to you 24/7. You may monitor the progress of any order in real time via our website or with call activity pushed to your platform. Statistical charting is at your fingertips.


TBW system allows you to specify the number of calls to be made, dates/times, frequency, number of questions, and question content. You dictate the specifications to meet your clients’ needs.

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