Background Screening Customer Service: A Big Opportunity

Recently, HR Executive Magazine mentioned customer service. The informative publication published survey results that can help background screeners. The numbers in the January/February 2019 issue are viewable 

“90% of survey respondents say their customer-facing staff are their best organizational asset for shaping the customer experience, though 69% admit their front line employees currently find it difficult to meet customer expectations.”

Background Screening Customer Service

Undoubtedly, the good news is that most businesses understand the importance of the customer service team. On the other hand, the less than good news is that the majority of survey respondents believe their team is not able to meet customer needs.

As a background screener, how often do you listen closely to your customer service reps and account managers?  Certainly these team members are a direct link to understand your CUSTOMERS’ real-time expectations.

5 Actions Background Screeners Can Take To Improve Customer Service

  1. Create a feedback loop: give customer service staff a way to submit customer conversations for team and management review
  2. Review customer service calls – listen to recordings, read emails and determine areas of concern
  3. Track resolution. How long did the problem last? How long did the customer suffer? How long did it take your team to resolve the problem to the customer’s satisfaction?
  4. Analyze the data. Search for trends in customer complaints. Is one customer submitting the majority of customer service calls? What are the key customer concerns across different customers? Are there recurring customer complaints? Identify root causes of the concerns to prevent these issues from returning. Review this valuable information to make informed decisions for your business.
  5. Train your customer service team members so they are prepared and empowered to resolve issues on the spot.

There is a likelihood that your business will need to:

1) Improve your Operations to achieve faster turnaround of customer orders

2) Add to your product offerings to satisfy customer needs

3) Empower customer service staff to immediately smooth out customers’ ruffled feathers and resolve the concern.


How does your CRA use customer service interactions to improve your business?

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