Background Check Guidelines

Human Resources professionals have a lot to manage. One priority is legal compliance. Is your HR department up to date with the background check guidelines?

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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination but did you know that the EEOC continually reviews criminal record screening policies of employers? Read this article for proof.

Although the EEOC set out guidelines years ago regarding the use of criminal records in an appropriate background check, there remain companies who do not follow them.  The EEOC is clear that an employer should (1) remove any blanket exclusions for criminal convictions; (2) provide an individualized assessment for all applicants; (3) postpone questions about criminal convictions until later in the hiring process.  How hard can it be to stay clear of lawsuits and EEOC charges?

Understanding and communicating laws and guidelines to employers is a role that background screening businesses take seriously. Has your background check provider apprised you of and encouraged you to follow these guidelines?  If not, we should talk. Contact us here or call us for objective advice. As THE background screening industry expert adviser we can help HR professionals navigate the background check process.