NAPBS 2011 Annual Conference

NAPBS 2011 Annual Conference Denver, Colorado March 20-23, 2011

The attendance at the conference was up 12% from last year. Not bad at all. Here are the details:

Total Companies Exhibitor
Year Attendees Attending Attendees # of Exhibitors
2008 642 261 170 49
2009 525 224 146 65
2010 508 213 156 56
2011 572 219 143 48


48 paid exhibitors. Great opportunity for CRAs to see what is new, different, better, more competitive, better quality, better turnaround time and better integrations:

  • Data providers to the industry 15
  • Industry software platforms 9
  • International search providers 8
  • Criminal record wholesalers 7
  • Real-time criminal court data extraction 3
  • Drug 2
  • Consultants 2
  • Other 2


I think the quality, content and organization of this year’s conference was the best ever and I got the same feedback from attendees and exhibitors. The conference committee, headed by Dean Carras with assistance from Katee Barnhart and the rest of the IMI crew really did an outstanding job.

The committees and NAPBS have accomplished a ton of work this past year. If you think people are not working hard (volunteering) to accomplish things for the industry, you are wrong!

If you are not a member, you need to join and you need to become active. The cost, as shown below, is extremely reasonable:

 – Court Record Retrievers. The cost is very low – $10 per state served, $50 minimum with a $250 maximum fee. And by being a member you can take the Provider Exam for an $80 savings and use your membership in your marketing.

 – If you are a CRA, the dues are very reasonable based upon the number of employees. Part-time employees count as one half of a full time employee.

12 or less employees $500

13-25 employees $1,100

26-50 employees $1,800

51-100 employees $3,000

101 or more employees $6,000

 – Affiliate Member dues: $150

The annual NAPBS budget is about $1,000,000. Contribute, join, learn, benefit. Every dollar is needed to protect your industry.

Industry Trends:

The mood of the attendees was upbeat. Not that all companies were back to their sales levels of early 2008, but everyone was happy their businesses are growing again.

Technology is still an important key to success in this industry – better operating platforms, better and easier interfaces with providers, better and easier computer interfaces with clients, better interfaces with ATS and HRIS,and automated direct- to-the-court data retrievers. And regarding Social Media: One company was marketing an FCRA compliant social media search – Yes, FCRA compliant.


The reception on Sunday night was again excellent. Fastest five hours ever. Yes, five hours. From 5-6pm was anew member meet and greet. There must have been 75 people jammed in the room. This was a great time trying to meet new members. Then 6-7pm for the opening ceremony and then 7-10 on the exhibit floor with food, open bar, exhibitors, networking, information exchange, old and new friends, hugs and handshakes. We really have a good bunch of people in our association.

Monday night was open and several companies entertained their clients. Everyone had a nice place to go with good entertainment and good food and the hotel bar went on with dancing and talking and sharing until the wee hours.

Tuesday night was dueling pianos. A very successful evening with lots of laughs, a bit of dancing, dinner and a cocktail or two, all planned by NAPBS. While a bit rough for those with “sensitive ears” it was all in good fun (right Fred and Julie?) and extremely well attended. Timothy Baxter is committed to taking cowbell lessons and Art Cohen just knows how to have a good time. And our new chairperson, Teresa Preg got top grades as the harmonica assistant.

People Stuff:


  • Lydia Wray has moved to ClearStar.
  • Karen Crider is looking for a sales position to stay in the industry.
  • Former NAPBS Executive Director, Tracy Seabrook is now with First Choice.
  • Robin Shattuck, is looking for a sales position to stay in the industry
  • Katy Britto is now with HireRight
  • Noelle Harling has retired from official duties at NAPBS after completing eight years of contribution. Thanks, Noelle
  • Former ChoicePoint executives Doug Curling, David Lee, Dan McGuff and Michael DeJanes have formed a Capital Group.
  • Blair Cohen (former InfoMart) is keeping his pulse on the industry.
  • Caryl McMains is now with BISI.
  • Todd Ditmars, after a long absence form the industry has joined International Screening Solutions.
  • Amy Gstalder Brodsky has left the industry after 10 years and is now with D&B.
  • Laura Randazzo is now with Aurico.
  • Allison Sestak ( got married. Will she change her last name?
  • Maureen Plotke is now with Inquiries.

 NAPBS also held a silent auction and raised $4,443! Berg Consulting Group’s contribution to the auction was for one hour of free consultation and free searches for Dexter for existing and for new clients. This was a fun activity, a good for all and Julie Hakman came away with a very “unusual” necklace!

Company News:

  • American Background was acquired by Sterling Infosystems.
  • First Advantage was acquired by Symphony Technologies.
  • NBD, SafeRent,and American Driving Records staying with CoreLogic.
  • Equifax announced they have reduced their minimums to only $50,000 a year.
  • US Datalink was acquired by Administaff and is now called Insperity.
  • Premier Employment Screening Services has re-branded as Tandem Select.
  • Intelius has re-branded as Talentwise.
  • Background Screening and Security Solutions is now The Cedalius Group

Conference Presentations:

Many great topics were included. I have not seen the stats yet, but all seemed to be very well attended and feedback was mostly positive with no major complaints.

And, once again we get the buzz that the EEOC continues to review their position regarding the use of background checks for employment screening and it is anticipated that their recommendation will not be favorable for our industry, but NAPBS keeps fighting.


The Mid-Year conference will be in Orlando, FL, October 16-18, 2011. Be there!! Next year’s annual conference will be in Nashville on April 15-17, 2012. Be there too!!

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  • Dexter (web data extraction tool for criminal records extraction). This technology has comes of age. Check it out.
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