How is your Employee Assistance Program Performing?

Would you like to increase EAP utilization and improve employee productivity?

This Leading EAP maximizes employee engagement with a broad and deep menu of employer & employee services.

Employers are trained and given tools to encourage employee use. One of the powerful tools is the management training academy which gives supervisors access to a no-cost, complete curriculum of compliance and management training programs.

Employees are provided many options for help across 4 major categories:

  1. Personal
  2. Financial & Legal
  3. Work & Career
  4. Family & Relationships

This EAP can help with almost every area of life:



Utilization is further increased by giving employees many different ways of accessing the services.

Examples of access options include: Telephone, Online, Face to face, Personal assistant, Information Resources (assessments, calculators, legal templates) and a video library.

Because this program offers so many more benefits and delivers so much more employee utilization vs traditional EAPs, more of your employees get the help they need and improve their lives at home and their productivity at work.

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