Vault Verify

Everyone would like to get rid of the hassle of answering all the calls they get for inbound verification of past and current employment. Up until now, employers have had a couple of commercial choices for outsourcing this burden but, while cost effective, they are still quite expensive.

Now we have an alternative option through VaultVerify, with a program designed to be sold by you, the background screener.

What is beautiful about using VaultVerify is that while it handles all the verifications along with all the controls and security needed, VaultVerify does not charge the employer for this service, it actually PAYS them!

Yes, it pays the contributing employer each time someone needs a verification that is in VaultVerify’s database.

Employers love this because it will:

  • Eliminate the labor cost and hassle of inbound employment verifications.
  • It is No Cost to them to outsource inbound verifications. Even better, VaultVerify pays them.
  • The employer establishes parameters of data to be given by VaultVerify and what can be reported.
  • Huge reduction in liability exposure from doing these themselves and possibly giving out incorrect or too much information.

It’s simple: the employer sets up with VaultVerify and their payroll processor updates the file with each change. After that it is hands-off for the employer. VaultVerify does the work and pays the contributing employer (or their favorite charity).

Let us run the numbers for you.

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