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Our recommended EAP or Employee Assistance Program:

  • Offers your business a proven product with a nearly 99% member satisfaction rate. This EAP has a tested track record of delighting and retaining employers and employees.
  • Gives your business a competitive advantage, as most CRAs do not currently offer an EAP.
  • Further engages your customers with your business, increasing customer retention.

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What is an EAP?

An EAP is an Employee Assistance Program. It is an employer paid benefit offered to help employees with personal and/or professional challenges. Each year, 20% of employees face a personal problem which destroys their productivity. Employee personal problems can cause an average productivity loss of 3 work weeks per employee, per year. Assuming an average salary of $50,000, that’s a loss of almost $300,000 for every 100 workers. Our recommended EAP provides value to your customers and to you.

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